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Baic exhibition and event company

Baic (Building, Architecture, Interior, Construction)

We, BAIC (Building Architecture Interiors Construction), are a leading platform for hosting and promoting organizations from the construction industry with base at Guwahati. Our key team is backed by over 15 years of experience in this sector. Our objective is to bring all construction companies, architects, interior designers, builders, developers, engineers, contracting companies, building material suppliers and technology providers from across India under one roof in Guwahati, Assam. 


BAIC acts as a liaison partner facilitating local clients and dealers from Guwahati in particular and the Northeast in general connect with the ‘who and who’ of the construction business sector from across India. Expedient displaying and sourcing of products and services is easy and hassle-free at BAIC. Display at BAIC Maniram Dewan Trade Centre (Guwahati, Assam) from 9th to 11th August 2024 for creating better business networking opportunities among manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers of the construction and interiors segment.

We aim at unleashing the future of construction in Guwahati and contributing to a vibrant landscape of the region.

BAIC covers all the major sectors within the construction industry, offering you the perfect platform to showcase everything in construction, right from inception to completion.

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we aim to become a significant player in the business-to-business exhibitions industry, creating diverse and exciting opportunities for the construction, architecture and design sectors.


BAIC aim to be the leading expo in the country by showcasing innovative companies. We offer year-round services that provide guaranteed ROI, brand awareness, and networking opportunities. Our aim is to provide our customers with a well-researched platform that pays special attention to details. We guarantee exceptional quality, and we strive to set a new standard in the infrastructure sector. Our ultimate objective is to stimulate the growth of the Indian exhibitions industry and drive international trade.


we is set to create history with its plan of all-round development, continuous innovation and unmatched expansion in the exhibition area.

baic-North East's Biggest Building, Architecture, Interiors & Construction Exhibition in guwahati
baic-North East's Biggest Building, Architecture, Interiors & Construction Exhibition in guwahati


An interesting trade event featuring the greatest developments in the areas of design, architecture, construction, and building.

  • Unique goods and services
  • A powerful system of suppliers and dealers
  • Modular buildings with multiple sections
  • Popular status global conferences with a focus on information
  • The first few days are primarily intended for business travelers.
  • Important global participants
  • welcome visitors from Top Practices worldwide.
  • Excellent networking with large purchasers’ procurement teams and decision-makers

BAIC Exhibition and Event

BAIC Exhibition is set to showcase the best of India in building, architecture, interior design and construction sectors. Featuring thoughtfully designed events to keep you engaged during the expo, and doing everything possible to accelerate ROI.


BAIC, founded by Neha Malhotra and Maloxmi Sinha (Miilee), recently announced the launch of North East India’s premier architecture and design gathering – the BAIC Exhibition. The launch event was attended by Goodwill Ambassador Jatin Bora, interior designer Karishma Kakoti, architect Rana Mahanta, and builder-hotelier Mriganka Hazarika.


baic-North East's Biggest Building, Architecture, Interiors & Construction Exhibition in guwahati


The exhibition will be held on 9, 10 and 11 August this year at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, Valentine. This grand exhibition will bring together India’s top architectural, building materials professionals and artists, designers, engineers, consultants, advisors, project managers and government officials on one platform.


BAIC is a premier global exhibition showcasing unique installations, designs, building materials, and world-class architectural innovations. Its goal is to serve as a top platform for manufacturers, traders, importers, and distributors, focusing on the northeastern community’s local businesses. It targets all innovators looking to shape next-generation infrastructure, marking a growth phase for the northeastern market through cutting-edge global construction strategies.

  • Best Design Stall   
  • Jury Awards
baic-North East's Biggest Building, Architecture, Interiors & Construction Exhibition in guwahati